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When approaching your retirement, you may be thinking about social security benefits – how much you’re eligible to receive and how to go about applying for them. You’re not alone! There can be a lot of information to think about, but that’s where ILIAD comes in.

Not only do we want to make sure you get the most out of your social security benefits, we want to make the process of applying and receiving your benefits easier for you. Chris can work with you to get an estimate of how much benefits you may be eligible to receive and start the application process.

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Whether you’re ready to file or want to know how to maximize your benefits, Chris can help you. Fill out the form to get started.

    Social security estimator

    Ever wonder how much social security benefits you might receive? Social Security is an important part for your retirement, and making the decision on when to claim is a big factor. The amount of benefit depends on your average lifetime income over your working years.

    Use this quick social security benefit calculator to estimate your benefits. Remember, this is only an estimate, and actual benefits may vary depending on actual work history and income. 

    To help you file or understand your social security benefits, contact Chris Clark. 

    SOCIAL SECURITY ANALYSIS$29 to save $290,000

    You likely understand that the decision when to start Social Security benefits is an important one that can be complicated. Did you know there are over 2,700 rules and over 9,000 combinations as to when someone might start benefits?

    By spending only $29 on a customized filing strategy, you can gain an additional $290,000 in social security benefits over your expected lifetime! At ILIAD, we provide illustrated filing scenarios to get you the most benefit – in a way that’s easy to understand.

    With five easy questions, can get the ball rolling.

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    As someone with experience as both a teacher and coach – Chris knows how important it is for you to be educated and empowered about your options so you don’t have to compromise on your coverage. And as an independent agent, he’s not beholden to policies offered by a single insurance company. He shops around for you – negotiating on your behalf – and relieves the time and stress of trying to buy on your own. 

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    Chris can help you maximize your social security benefits and take care of the filing process for you.