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ILIAD is a new independent insurance agency providing life, disability, health insurance and annuities with licenses currently in Minnesota, Arizona, and Iowa. ILIAD was founded by Chris Clark with motivations of helping consumers get quality coverage and not have to pay for coverage they don’t need. Purchasing insurance of any kind can be a confusing and cumbersome process. Chris aims to relieve that frustration by providing clarity and guiding people toward informed decisions about their health and financial stability.


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Insurance solutions

As an independent agency, we can provide access to several types of personal finance protection. Learn about them below, or reach out to explore more options.

Life Insurance

Provides financial protection for the loss of life. It is strange to pay for something you will never experience, yet you can receive peace of mind knowing that your loved ones or estate will be paid upon death. The achilles heel of a personal finance plan is an intention to get life insurance coverage that never happens. Achilles was invincible until the day he wasn’t. We can’t guarantee you will be invincible, but it is still a good feeling to be responsible. We will help you get the coverage you want.

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Annuities protect against outliving a source of money. They are not for everyone, yet pose an attractive option to consider at different times of your life. As you approach retirement, the need for life insurance wanes and might be replaced by a need for income you can count on. Setting aside money in the form of an annuity offers protection that you can plan for and experience for yourself. Running out of money several years into retirement is an Achilles’ heel you can protect against.

Disability Insurance

This type of protection provides financial assistance if you become disabled and unable to work. Many people have disability insurance provided by their employer; if that’s the case for you, is it enough? If you are employed, and do not have disability insurance, you are vulnerable. Consider what would happen if you could no longer earn income for a period of time. If you realize that could pose a problem, take care of another potential Achilles’ heel and talk to us today about your options.

Social security estimator

Ever wonder how much social security benefits you might receive? Social Security is an important part for your retirement, and making the decision on when to claim is a big factor. The amount of benefit depends on your average lifetime income over your working years.
Use this quick social security benefit calculator to estimate your benefits. Remember, this is only an estimate, and actual benefits may vary depending on actual work history and income.
To help you file or understand your social security benefits, contact Chris Clark.

The Mission of ILIAD is to provide clarity and confidence in insurance buying while helping people secure coverage that’s right for them.

I avoided discussions about insurance because it was hard to admit my lack of knowledge. Chris met me where I was and helped me understand my options, and it was cheaper than I thought it would be!
Renee MHappy ILIAD customer
Chris was so helpful guiding me through various life insurance options and helping me decide what was best for me. I love having the peace of mind knowing I'm covered!
Thomas C.Purchased a life insurance policy through ILIAD
When my grandmother left me money in the form of life insurance, I couldn't believe it. She was already one of my idols, and I vowed to learn more and help others because of what she did for me.
Chris ClarkA personal testament

Meet Chris Clark

A lifelong people development partner
Chris’s passions stem from an eternal desire to help people realize success. Throughout a 15-year teaching and coaching career, Chris gained incredible insight as to how development of people happens. To then be afforded the opportunity to help build a health and wellness franchise concept, he saw how to take the fundamentals of teaching, coaching, and leadership and bring it to life in working with adults. The cornerstone of every facet of Chris’s career has been the study of human behavior and the approach required to achieve meaningful goals as opposed to only doing things because one thinks they are supposed to. Chris is a licensed insurance agent looking to walk alongside people who want the world of life insurance and annuities become easier to understand.

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