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At ILIAD, Chris believes you hold the answers of what you need for life insurance; you likely just need to further your understanding of options.  As an independent insurance agent, he works for your interest – providing clear guidance and education so you feel confident about your individually tailored coverage. Achilles was invincible until the day he wasn’t. We can’t guarantee you will be invincible, but it is still a good feeling to be responsible. After all, you’ve got a lot to live for – protect it with a life insurance policy.

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    COVERAGE COST EXAMPLESQuality life insurance - for less than you think

    There are many misconceptions about life insurance. One may think it’s too expensive, that they don’t need it, or that it’s only for people who are old or sick. In reality, the cost of life insurance is often less than people think and it’s never too early to start protecting the future for you and your loved ones. 

    These example coverage policies below can give you an idea of average estimated cost, but to get a customized policy to meet your needs and to answer your questions, you can set up a time to chat with Chris

    30-YEAR TERM | $500K COVERAGE$39/month*

    20-YEAR TERM | $750K COVERAGE$30/month*

    20-YEAR TERM | $1 MILLION COVERAGE$63/month*

    *The estimates above are based on average policy rates. Rates vary with factors such as age, gender, health, policy type, coverage amount, and more. For a detailed quote contact, contact Chris.

    WHY ILIADChris works for you

    A lifelong people development partner

    As someone with experience as both a teacher and coach – Chris knows how important it is for you to be educated and empowered about your options so you don’t have to compromise on your coverage. And as an independent agent, he’s not beholden to policies offered by a single insurance company. He shops around for you – negotiating on your behalf – and relieves the time and stress of trying to buy on your own. 

    POLICY TYPESFind the right life insurance policy

    Term Life Insurance

    Term life insurance provides guaranteed death benefit protection for a set number of years at a competitive rate that won’t increase during your term period. Plus, when you have a convertible term policy, you have the option to upgrade to a permanent life insurance policy for lifetime protection — generally without having to answer any health questions.

    Permanent Life Insurance

    Permanent life insurance can provide death benefit protection for life. Additionally, your policy can grow cash value that you can access at any time, for any reason.*

    *Accessing cash value will reduce your policy death benefit and values, may result in certain fees and charges and may require additional premium payments to maintain coverage. Ask your financial professional for details on accessing your cash value, including how it might impact the coverage guarantees and situations when the values you access could be taxable. Always consult your tax advisor before accessing a policy’s cash value.

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